Why no toast?

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The Old Boys

Who would have thought it eh?

Sitting at home Fourteen years ago thinking to myself, "I could really do with a good cup of coffee". But I don’t want to go all the way into central London for the pleasure.

Why can't I get a decent cup of coffee in Windsor? Why is it that, with all the choice of restaurants and cafes in this British tourist haven and home of the Royal Family., where Panini’s are plentiful and proper toast is as rare as hen's teeth, I can't get a decent cup of coffee and a good thick slice of buttered toast.. So Cinnamon Cafe was born, and yes really, because of the lack of quality food.

Its ironic that, ten years later Windsor now has more coffee shops, restaurants and places to buy food, than any other town of its size. Yet despite this, I come back to my original question: "Where, with all this variety, can you go for a great cup of coffee?"

Cinnamon Cafe, of course!


Cinnamon has again been given the highest rating (5 stars) by the local authority for Hygiene cleanliness and service. not for spelling!