Retail Coffee

We are now selling our delicious Cinnamon cafe blend  coffee in either ground or whole beans  or a mix of both. They are available in 2 x 250g resealable bags.

The price is very competitive and includes  UK Delivery. 


The Coffee

Various things make Cinnamon Cafe special, the customers the bicycles, the eclectic furniture, the management and staff, the bustling atmosphere the Cinnamon Buns, and not least the coffee. Current circumstances make it impossible to trade, but we can at least offer you the coffee.

Cinnamon Café blend of coffee is the same bean and or Grind, that we use in our Windsor Shop. It has been our blend for the past 15 years, enjoyed by local’s regulars and visitors alike. Just the right mix of Arabica and Robusta beans to give the flavour our customers have come to love.


To get the best out of our coffee, please store in a cool, dry environment with the bag sealed on each occasion you use the coffee. Ground coffee will be at its best for up to 2 weeks once open, provided you reseal the bag and store at room temperature. For added freshness of the bean, I recommend storing the product in a freezer in the sealed bag, but please allow for the bean to reach room temperature before using it. This will give the bean a shelf life of 3-4 months.

Under no Circumstance store the coffee in a refrigerator. Coffee works as a deodorizer and will adsorb all the smells from the product in the fridge. So, a top tip if you have bad odours in your car, is to leave an empty open bag in the car overnight. (Provided you prefer the smell of fresh coffee).


Quantity’s to use is dependant on taste and strength, but here is a rough guide.

Always where possible use beans to grind fresh over the pre ground coffee. The life and freshness is far superior. But if you don't have a grinder or a Esspreso machine then the next best thing is the ground coffee.

If you are lucky enough to have your espresso or bean to cup machine, then the quantities are what you would normally use. In the café, we use 7.5g per single and 15g per double shot.

For a pod machine, please follow the manufacturer's recommendations. There are numerous manufacturers out there that supply reusable pods for the various machines. A quick google search will give you many options. Amazon has quite a few to choose from. Coffee quantity required will be with the instructions, and its much more eco friendly than all that plastic waste.

For Cafetiere’s (French press) the rule of thumb is one dessert spoon full per cup, or approximately 10g. But please remember to warm the cafetiere first before use.

For Aeropress(great simple and affordable machine) then use the same quantity as a cafetiere.

For Moka pot, I would use 20g or the quantity specified by your moka pot manufacturer.



We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do.  Should you require any further information, or have any comments, please email to