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Both the same price, from the same area, ours is the one on the right...

Product Comparison


 I was asked by a visiting tourist, why the prices in the area were so expensive. So I asked them where they had been. It turns out that on a visit to a local tourist attraction some 5 miles away, they had ordered a scone and a water.  I visited the attraction and ordered the scone and a water from them, surprised to find that it was exactly the same price. The difference being ours came with jam and extra butter, plus our scone was about four times the size.  Right Above!

The Old Booking Hall
Flat White in Cinnamon Cafe

Trip Advisor update.


 So far in the last 3 months we have been in 5th place then 73rd then 23rd now we are at 20th. Despite this for the 120 reviews that we have our customer acceptance rating is at 95%. That would put us in the top 3 normally. Then restaurants up to 50th position and with 75% acceptance get a "Certificate of excellence" but of course we don’t!  Does anyone know how trip advisor works?


Cinnamon Cafe
Lyquid Gold
Winter in Windsor
Winter in Windsor