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We Are Currently Closed in Lockdown 3 But.........

At the beginning of lockdown 3, we made the decision to temporarily close Cinnamon. Due mainly to the volume of customers we were getting just prior to the lockdown, it did not feel right that we could potentially be adding to the already high number of cases.

We had hoped at this point that a few other café’s in the area would follow suit, or at least try reducing the impact by not encouraging others to come out.

Instead all we appear to have achieved is forcing our regular customers, to move over to other café’s less equipped to deal with the volume of business we normally have. In addition, we find these café’s and even the local management actively encouraging business by discounting and promoting.

With this in mind, we will be deciding this week on the date we will be reopening. Still with the view that we do not want you to travel to us unless it is absolutely necessary.  






Aart de Boer