Our Team (Some of them)

Chai "the cat "

Mascot, and money pit.

The inspiration behind "chai latte"or  (cat milk).

Goes missing for attention! 

Tel: 01753 chicken

Email: Chai@cinnamoncafe.com


Owner, and kronic dyslectic, dislectic, not able to spell!

Highly motivated,caring, a kind and considerate individual. picture from 1970..

(his words not our's).  

Tel: 07852 938702

Email:  ian@cinnamoncafe.com


Ultimate Supervisor, wife, and....

Company Sec,Trainer & spender of the funds.

family motto "Yeh I bought it ages ago"

Holder of the record day!

Tel: 01753 857879

Email: katie@cinnamoncafe.com


AKA Paul Sampson 

Company Director

A man with balls!

Odd shaped balls! 

But ball's none the less!

A man with a mission !


email bet you would like it!


Nick Caldwell

General Manager

Nick & Little Nicky are the only names we can use here.

A unique and genuinely different style of manager. 

Tel: 01753 857879

Email: nick@cinnamoncafe.com

Old One tooth.

Nick with Austin and Corrin



Share Holder, and Main food tester.

Spends her spare time Washing for Josh. Katie, Ian, etc

Has been know to like a potato in its Jacket. Fave shop M&S or Cotco...s


Olivia (Olive) Semi retired!


The "Polish Yogurt Eater"   (part time)


A genius in several languages (unfortunately not Polish)! Frequenter of university bars. Prone to lapse in memory, but not when working on the counter!



Alex Retired part time, who knows? not Alex!

The "odd"  odd job man. (part (part) time)

 Hangs around Brighton looking for a good time & education.

Will he return? we never know until the last minute. Would like his number given out. But we dont want to... Final Year at Uni finished

Fire Station Calender 2005
Fire Station Calender 2005